Moms' Nutrition Hotline: Halloween Treats Part 2

This is part 2 of the previous post. The second question was suggestions on healthy alternatives to give out to Trick-or-Treaters.

Anne, Being that parents were Trick-or-Treaters a "few" years ago, we still remember being bummed out with the neighbors, that although in good faith, passed out apples, popcorn balls and pennies. I even had a neighbor that gave out toothbrushes (no surprise, he was a dentist)! And now as parents, we also remember that such treats ended up in the street or driveway of these folks. To stay hip, we can either accept that Halloween is a special occasion and just give kids candy. On the other hand, there are healthy and affordable alternatives that kids will be cool in getting as treats. Box stores and larger supermarkets offer bulk packs of snack-size bags of healthy chips, crackers and pretzels. Some more popular brands are SmartFood Popcorn, Pepperidge Farms Gold Fish and a really nice product, Healthy Handfuls (Click label "SmartGroceries" in TLN site for more on latter). Phil

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