Supplements 411: SmartForme Nutrition Products

If you happened on this post, I can let you in on a little insider perk just for TLN readers!

Back in 2004, I co-founded Smart Nutrtion Company, distributor of SmartForme Nutrition Products.

These products are sold primarily to individuals that have undergone gastric bypass (weight loss) surgery. But SmartForme products can also benefit anybody looking for high-protein snacks and meal replacement options.

If you wish to order from SmartForme, I appreciate it if you enter the following code into the special instructions box during checkout: TLN-VT. This identifies you as a member of Tough Love Nutrition and not a gastric bypass patient.

SmartForme runs regular specials, so I recommend signing up on their homepage to receive a monthly "e-Memo". It will keep you notified of current and upcoming sales.

When you go to the SmartForme website, prepare to be blown away by the wide selection of products and flavors. All of these products are formulated and manufactured under the supervision of SmartForme's Director of Research and Development.

Here's a few of the SmartForme products used in my household: Snack Bars, Meal Replacement Shakes and Bari-EFA.


TLN Phil

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