TLN Bookshelf: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

With news of steroids and the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports "cycling" through the news more often than less these days, it's important for individuals to get a better sense of what they are, what they do, who's using them and why (and do we really care if it is not affecting our non-user lives!).

Bigger, Stronger, Faster
on DVD offers a well-crafted, middle of the road presentation from the inside out.

Rather than trying to formulate your opinion from a recent news blitz, the documentary allows you to get firsthand accounts from users, their families, and creator, Chris Bell who is torn between, "To use, or not to use".

If you were enlightened by "SuperSize Me", Bigger, Stronger, Faster is right up your alley, educational and highly recommended.

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