Phil's Journal: Healthy Vending Machine

I was stoked to see this healthy vending machine in our town hockey rink for the start of the youth season.

From top to bottom, none of the products are ify whether they are healthy choices or not. They are all natural and/or organic.

Brands include Stonyfield Farms, Barbara's Bakery, Clif, Anderson (Pirate Booty), Late June PB Crackers and more good stuff.

Kudos to whomever was responsible for getting this in our rink, which like any rink USA, also has standard not-so-good for you offerings like soda, greasy hot dogs and nachos with fake cheese. So the new vending machine makes for a very nice snack alternative (especially around a sports activity!).

The company supplying the vending machine is Yo! Naturals.

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