A Decade-Plus Later: TLN Reboot

In what seems to be a blink of an eye, ten plus years have passed since cranking out posts on Tough Love Nutrition.  Between changing occupations, raising kids, family stuff, domestic duties, lazy times, etc, it was shelved.  The cool thing is that my commitment to staying healthy through nutrition and fitness did not waver.  Now in my fifties (yikes!), I'm hanging in there quite well, thanks.  No, I'm not 9% bodyfat or run ultra-marathons.  

But I do feel free pretty darn proud of maintaining a competitive level of activity, and more importantly, all of the medical checkpoints such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and even the celebrated mid-life colonoscopy are all in great standing.  Best yet:  No meds!

Now that I am part of the MedHealthFit.com advisory team, in coming months, I am very much looking forward to blowing the dust off of the TLN blog, and getting a fresh coat of paint on it--with updated articles and new material to share with all looking to obtain, retain, or maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Stay tuned!

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