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To this point of my life, I have heard every "Wait until you..." prediction as to when I am going to fall out of shape. They include: "...get out of college and start working all the time.", "...start traveling a lot on your job.", "...get married.", "...have kids." and last but not least, "...turn 30, 40, etc".

Well, I'm now in my 40's and none of the above appear to have done their due diligence. I decided a long time ago to make a commitment to staying healthy. And through every stage of my life thus far--and as crazy as it has been at times--I’ve stuck to my word.

When it comes to eating right and continuing to exercise throughout the years, I sometimes go through what may seem to be great lengths to do so, but in the end, I keep beating the “Wait until you…” odds.

I want everybody else to do so as well.

This is why I created Tough Love Nutrition (TLN). It contains everything and then some to increase your knowledge and motivation AND most importantly, to stop making excuses for why you eat like crap or can’t seem to find the time to exercise.

Nevermind celebrity trainers, diet books and bogus supplements. It is all about learning (or learning again) the basics and how to get a grip on making good, consistent food choices and some form of regular exercise.

All of my professional and personal experience is rolled into the TLN Blog and TLN Group. Everything is here for you and your family to gain better health through proper nutrition and fitness.

That said, join in on all the TLN fun and, wait until you…start feeling a whole lot better!

Enjoy and be healthy,

Phil LeClair
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