Nutrition 411: Eating Around the Holidays

(TLN Editor's Note: Every year around this time, I recycle this article. It's probably been a decade or more since I wrote it, but it continues to hold its relevance and represent our traditional [over]eating habits around the Holiday Season. Read on and Healthy Holidays!)

Without a doubt, there is not a more difficult time of the year to stay focused on keeping good eating and exercise habits than the Winter holidays. Each year Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s lure us into their festive grasp with relaxed atmospheres and food galore. The same thought is on virtually everybody’s mind, “I am not going to worry about what I eat during the holidays, but it’s back to normal January 2nd”. Unfortunately, as days and weeks pass following the holidays, many individuals continue to be stuck on January 1st. With proper eating and exercise habits falling by the wayside, unwanted weight gain is inevitable.

When eating holiday meals do the following:
  • Avoid the one meal trap
  • Go easy on the appetizers
  • Keep your portions in check
  • Eat more protein and less carbohydrate
  • Go for a walk
  • Limit leftovers
  • Get back into your good nutrition and exercise habits right away

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Ten Gone said...

Great post. Your last bullet is soooo important... it's so easy to get off track when you wait to resume your diet. It's great to have a splurge day occasionally, but when that one day turns into two, then three, that's when pounds start to pack back on. BUT, if you get back on track the very next day, that won't happen.