Phil's Journal: Don't Unresolve Resolutions for Better Health!

Happy New Year's 2007!

There is no doubt that the following three choices regularly fall somewhere in the annual top ten list of New Year's resolutions: Lose Weight, Get In Shape and Eat Better.

Will another year come and go with these resolutions being abandoned after feeble attempts to make good on them?

Don't let it happen!

Every year of blowing off good health goals creates a deeper and deeper hole - one that eventually becomes very difficult to crawl out of - and sadly, millions of Americans are currently trapped in one.

Sparing you from the cheerleading and flowery "you can do it" pep talk, the few legendary pointers that do hold truth are:
  • It is ultimately up to the individual to make changes in their eating, exercise and lifestyle habits
  • Don't expect dramatic results overnight. It's not going to happen
  • Appreciate making small strides towards better health. They are milestones that compound with time and consistency of good eating and exercise habits
  • K.I.S.S. - I'll let you decide what the last "S" should stand for in this popular acronym. All I need is the first three letters to get my point across. "Keep It Simple" says it all. Tedious diets and fitness programs are products of flashy marketing campaigns. They are making billions of dollars each year selling books, fat burning supplements and wacky exercise apparatus. Don't get sucked in! Nothing is more effective than simply eating smart and doing just about ANYTHING to keep you moderately active on a regular basis

That said, the new TLN blog is overflowing with very straightforward and effective information on better health through proper food and fitness choices.

Please direct special attention to the 1/1/2007 post: The TLN Short Course to Eating Healthy. I roll this one out every New Year's as my annual offering to get everybody off on the right foot

Enjoy and Be Healthy!

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EpikDave said...

This is a great point Phil - we always wait until the new year to make the resolution - if we just stayed consistent all year then we wouldn't need such drastic resolutions.