Corporate Wellness: Just Minutes a Day for Better Health

By Phil LeClair

While many of us don't practice them, we all know the broad things necessary to maintain good health through busy work schedules (i.e. diet, exercise, blah, blah, blah).

However, for the millions of us that are chained to a desk every day, there are several little things you can do that collectively help promote wellbeing.

Taking just minutes each day, try (I mean, "DO") these wellness activities:

Stretch - Nothing fancy here. Just take a minute or two each hour to get out of the hunched-over keyboard posture.

Break Away from "Screen Trance" - I stare so intensely at my computer screen for so long sometimes, it feels like it is burning a hole through my retinas!

Take Some Deep, Cleansing Breathes - When sitting at our desks, our breathes are about as shallow as you can get. We are doing very little to expand our aerobic capacity.

Step Outside - Hopefully your office is in a location that allows you to step outside for a breathe of fresh air and to clear your head.

Take the Stairs. Don't Take the Closest Parking Spot - This tip has been floating around forever, but is a good one.

Pass on the Office Goodies. Bring Your Lunch. Don't Skip Meals - Do you really have to partake in EVERY birthday cake, plate of goodies, or pizza that comes through the office door?

Ease Up on Coffee. Nix Soda - There is no doubt that caffeine is wonderful substance! I am definitely a fan and look forward to that cup or two each day to power me along. The key is not to be a "Caf-fiend".

Take a Multivitamin - While taking a multivitamin does not make up for poor eating habits, it does help provide essential nutrients that you would otherwise not be getting.

Go to the Bathroom - It is unhealthy to "hold it", or try to ignore your body signaling to take bathroom break.

Wash Your Hands. Use a Tissue - Doors, keyboards, phones and handshakes are just a few of the countless touch points that are breeding grounds and transfer stations for germs.

Look at a Picture of Your Family, Pet or Happy Place - For those of you that may remember those, "Calgon take me away" commercials, you get the idea.

Go Home! - For those of you like me that have issues disengaging from work, learn to pull the plug!

Read TLN! - A shameless, but credible plug. I am a fellow desk jockey that has figured out (or in the process of figuring out) how to maintain wellness in a high-paced corporate environment.

Read complete suggestions on each wellness tip in the full article at TLN Group!

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This is a great read, every body who works in a industry where they are not doing enough exercise on the job should follow the mentioned advice.