Phil's Journal: TLN Springs Back Into Action!

I recently returned from vacation in Southern CA. It was great to see family, friends and colleagues--and enjoy some regular sunlight after an extra long winter in VT!

It was a must to include this picture of my family eating a healthy lunch at the San Diego Zoo (which is a fantastic place!). We packed our snacks for the day to not have to rely on high-priced, not-so-great-for you park food. Not denying the food factor that is related to hitting parks like this, we did indulge ourselves with ice cream!

I appreciate theme parks and family attractions like the San Diego Zoo that allow you to bring in small amounts of food and snacks. It is truly a bummer when you are held to dropping serious coin for every item you eat within their walls. Not only is it expensive, but to keep energy levels up for the long haul, Mom, Dad and kids need to be regularly nourished to prevent meltdown. I am sure that many of you parents out there have faced this very unpleasant experience. For those of you that haven't, take heed and pack snacks for the whole family on these trips! You won't be sorry.

During my vacation, I also completed updating the TLN Blog and TLN Group sites. There's now more than 100 articles, resources and insights in a more user-friendly layout. Please poke around the sites and let me know what you think.

Oh yeah...While on vacation, I also wrote a corporate wellness article that was inspired by my fellow co-workers at Epik. For any of the crew reading this, please take a gander at, "Just Minutes a Day for Better Health". There's something in it for everybody!

Be Healthy!

TLN Phil

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