A Maverick's Guide To: Booming Fitness

In the past, aging has often meant a gradual loss of health and vigor as the years progress. But with the recent advances in research on aging, we now know this slow decline is no longer inevitable. With the right exercise and nutritional program, even an unfit person can turn around most of the consequences of aging.

We know, for example, that VO2max, the single best measure of cardiovascular fitness, decreases about 10 percent per decade once you’ve reached 30 years of age. And while we’ve all heard the 30-minute recommendation of moderately intense cardio from the ACSM, new research suggests that your health and fitness benefit most from short bursts of high intensity exertion – intervals.

The most likely reason is that intervals stimulate your body to release growth hormone (HGH), the anti-aging hormone in adults. It signals the body to burn fat and grow muscle. Researchers report that this hormone is released in direct proportion to the intensity of the exercise being performed. And, that a 30 second all-out sprint can increase your HGH by as much as 530 percent!

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